6 Reasons to Choose Global Sevilla International School Jakarta

6 Reasons to Choose Global Sevilla International School Jakarta

There are many international schools in Jakarta with different qualities, learning methods, teachers, and facilities. From lots of international schools in Jakarta, Global Sevilla must be your first consideration when you want to get the best school for your children. These are reasons why entering Global Sevilla International School Jakarta is the best choice for your children.

Why Global Sevilla?

1. Balanced and Thorough Education

Global Sevilla not only taught their students to be the best in academics but also in other aspects. As an international school in Jakarta, Global Sevilla always try to give its students a comprehensive and balanced education. The students will also learn to thrive socially and mentally.

2. Focus on Building the Students’ Character

Another reason why Global Sevilla is the best option if you are looking for an international school Jakarta is Global Sevilla focuses on the student’s character building. As we know, most school these days just push their students to be good in academics. Global Sevilla is different because it will build the students’ positive character as well.

3. Mindfulness-Based School

Global Sevilla approaches their students with mindfulness. Mindfulness is important to reduce anxiety and stress in students. Students who overcome their anxiety and stress will improve and develop their behavior and academics because of the good surrounding, supportive environment, and relaxing ambiance. 

4. Has Three Academics Levels

Global Sevilla provides three academic levels, including kindergarten, primary, and secondary. The focus on each level is different, depending on their ages. Students in kindergarten will focus more on their development needs, while primary more focuses on active inquiry-based learning. Meanwhile, secondary students focus on project and research learning. 

5. School Facilities with International Standard

Good facilities are essential because it helps and supports the learning process. Global Sevilla international school Jakarta is the best when talking about facilities. They provide different laboratories for many activities, such as art to science. There are various outdoor and indoor facilities to support the learning activities.

6. Various Extracurricular 

Another thing to make Global Sevilla must be your first option is extracurricular. Here, lots of extracurricular provides to support the student’s interests. Students can join science clubs, drama clubs, mini cooking, art, sports, entrepreneurship club, photography, and many more. Students can choose freely according to what they want.If you are looking for the best international school Jakarta, Global Sevilla is the perfect answer. It has many good points and aspects that make this school better than other international schools in Jakarta. It also has two campuses with the same qualities, therefore you can choose the nearer campus to your location.

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